GreenRoutine App

Project Overview

I made this app for my final project for Native App Development. This project aimed to expand on the concepts we learned this semester and stretch ourselves to produce something we are proud to show off.

The Challenge

The primary challenge in developing this app stemmed from the task of translating my envisioned concept into functional code. My goal was to create an application that was not only interactive but also offered a personalized experience to each user. To achieve this, it was crucial to integrate elements that allowed for user input and interaction. The process of embedding these interactive components, while ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience, posed a significant challenge but was essential in bringing the vision of the app to life.

The Solution

To elevate the personalized aspect of the app, I initiated the user experience with a carefully designed log-in page. This not only served as the gateway to the app but also laid the foundation for a tailored user experience. Once logged in, users were greeted by the home screen, which featured a variety of buttons, each meticulously integrated to lead to full-screen modal views. These modal views were a crucial part of the app’s design, equipped with interactive tracking features that not only engaged users but also enhanced the personalization of their experience. To add a social dimension to the app, I included a section for community stories. This feature allowed users to connect with and draw inspiration from the experiences of others within the app community, fostering a sense of connection and shared purpose.


I am immensely proud of the final product that the GreenRoutine app represents. The journey of planning and designing this brand was not only a fulfilling creative endeavor but also a significant learning experience. From conceptualizing the initial idea to bringing it to life through meticulous design and coding, every step was a testament to my dedication and skills developed throughout the semester. I believe that I not only achieved the goals I initially set out but also surpassed them, especially in terms of the app’s interactive features. These elements, though challenging to code, stand as a highlight of my technical proficiency and innovative thinking.