Music Portfolio Website

Project Overview

For my final project, I developed a WordPress website for my younger brother, Ben, an aspiring EDM producer and DJ. Recognizing the potential impact of a professional online presence on his career, I undertook this project to create a website that encapsulates his brand and musical identity.

Design Concept

The design inspiration was drawn from the website of Ben’s favorite producer, ISOXO ( Emulating this style, I incorporated images and visuals that align with Ben’s unique brand. A key aspect of the design was the creation of a distinctive logo featuring Ben’s favorite symbol, the asterisk. This logo is animated with custom CSS to bounce when hovered over, adding a dynamic, rave-like feel to the site.

Key Features

  1. Animated Logo: An asterisk-based logo with a hover-triggered bounce animation, enhancing the site’s interactive experience.
  2. Customized Audio Widget: On the contact page, I embedded an audio widget to automatically play Ben’s latest song, contributing to the site’s immersive feel.
  3. Social Media Integration: I included social media icons in the footer, with a special focus on SoundCloud through the “Embed SoundCloud” plugin. This plugin showcases Ben’s SoundCloud profile and tracks in an interactive widget.
  4. Visual Consistency: Throughout the site, I maintained a consistent aesthetic with galleries of images that resonate with Ben’s brand, ensuring a cohesive visual experience.
  5. Responsive Design: The website utilizes the “ScapeRock” theme, a child theme ensuring that customizations remain intact with updates to the parent theme, and offering built-in responsive design for optimal viewing across devices.


The project successfully culminated in a visually appealing, interactive, and functional website that effectively represents Ben’s identity as an EDM artist. The integration of social media, particularly SoundCloud, and the unique design elements like the animated logo and the audio widget, provide an engaging user experience while faithfully conveying Ben’s artistic vision and brand.