i’m hallie

studying Art History and New Media, I’ve explored the intersection of art, media, and digital innovation. My journey at UGA has deepened my appreciation for visual storytelling and its extraordinary power to shape perceptions and engage audiences.

I am deeply committed to driving positive change in the world through the power of storytelling. My background as an art history major has given me insight into the profound cultural transformations that can be achieved through purposeful artistic endeavors. Inspired to bring this perspective into contemporary settings, I pursued a certificate in New Media. This additional education equipped me with cutting-edge technical knowledge and the best practices in digital marketing. My goal is to seamlessly integrate analytical rigor with creative innovation throughout my career.

Throughout my college career, I have actively participated in various digital marketing campaigns. Driven by my passion for sustainable fashion, I served as the Head of the Newsletter for Fair Fashion, where I successfully increased engagement and participation in our events. Additionally, I held the position of Creative Coordinator at TalkingDog Agency, where I produced high-quality deliverables that significantly advanced our campaign objectives.

I am eager to continue blending my passion for art and innovation with my skills in digital marketing to create impactful solutions. I look forward to the opportunity to bring my unique perspective and dedication to your team, contributing to meaningful projects that advance our shared goals. Let’s connect and explore how we can collaborate to make a lasting difference.

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